This scenario tries to capture the feel of the first part of A NEW HOPE on tatooine. It's fun to play and fairly quick.

boardlayout is how you wish. But you need some buildings to simulate Mos Eisley. (tablesize : 1.5 meters to 1.2 meters)

What follows are briefings for the different factions which must be handed out before the start of the game. It's more fun when you don't know what the opponent's objectives are.

We played the game with 7 players : For 6 players drop the squad rebeltroopers.
For 5 players drop the jawas too.

How things went in our game :
Han and Chewie seemed quite capable of killing the stormtroopers. Mod Terrik and Davin Felth posed a bigger problem. If you like it you can put in a couple of stormtroopers more and give Han and Chewie some rebeltroopers too. Things went rather well for Luke and Obi too until a Krayt Dragon appeared.

author : Maarten Logghe
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