stormtrooper garrison in Mos Eisley

You are in Mos Eisley, commanded to shoot any rebeltrooper you come across. You also need to look out for some droids. Apparently they are rather important. You promised to look out for them but if there's someone else with them... hey you rather shoot the guys who shoot at you before you take care of the droids. What can droids do to cause the empire any damage? They won't run too far if they are alone.
There is a report saying some rebeltroopers landed in the desert. They should be heading for Mos Eisley. If they let their faces see, they will know 'only imperial stormtroopers are so precise'.
Just a minute ago you got a call from the cantina. Han Solo and Chewbacca would be there. It's always nice to shoot some smugglers. They will pay for not abiding the imperial law!