StarWars Shoot-Out Summary Sheet

Turn Sequence

Draw a card from the stack.


Move 5, Shoot, Move 2.5 & Shoot, Move 2.5 & Reload, Move 2.5 & Pick-up, Move 2.5 & Brawl, give cover, Move & board a vehicle


All modifiers change die type, never actual die throw. No die can ever be less then D4. No die can ever be more than D12. Exceptions : If the shooting die is less than D4, no shooting is possible.



Shooter rolls shoot die, target rolls dodge die. If shoot > defense, then this is a hit.

WeaponRange & Special rules
Heavy Blaster Rangemodifiers same as normal Blaster. Does double damage on hitlocation. Illegal weapon by law.
Assault Rifle
cannont shoot & move. extra -1 penalty if shooting from a moving vehicle.
Hunting Rifle Rangemodifiers one worse than Assault Rifle (same special rules too) . +2 when shooting at creatures.
Blaster Rifle
Bowcaster Rangemodifiers same as Blaster Rifle. Does triple damage on hit location. Characters in 2.5 range from hit character get a shot with strength D4. Must be reloaded after one shot. Only Wookies are strong enough to use. One shot a turn. Immune to overload.
Sporting Blaster Rangemodifiers 1 worse than normal Blaster. Cannot be overheated.
Concussion Grenade Range : 0-10. Every Character within 2.5 dodges a D6 attack
Lightsaber +1 dodge, +2 brawl, only useable by Jedi's
Light Detonator Must be placed somewhere. Detonator explodes at random moment in next turn. Everyone within 2.5 range must dodge a D6 attack.
Light Repeating Blaster Rifle
Can shoot thrice seperately a turn at characters in 2.5 range from first target.
Medium Repeating Blaster Cannon
0-2.52.5-55-1010-12.512.5-1515-17.5 17.5-2020-25
Not attached to a character. Requires 2 characters to move. Can't be moved and fired. Can shoot thrice seperately a turn at characters in 2.5 range from first target.
Jawa Ion Gun
If character is hit it must skip it's next turn. No other effects. User becomes controller of hit Droid.
Jawa Blaster Rangemodifiers same as Sporting Blaster. When overheated, Blaster explodes and causes one hit. On a roll of 1 weapon explodes.
Gaderffii Stick +1 brawl, range 0-1 : knocks away opponents weapons.
Laser Projector Must be attached, to a wall for example. If someone moves in line of fire of projector (straight 5inch line) it shoots at D4. Can be destroyed by shooting at it (dodge of D4).


Roll D10 for location (D8 if legs are hidden eg window)
1HeadInstant Death (or knockout if brawling without using brawlingweapons)
2-6Chest-1 to dodge. Roll D6. If value < total number of wounds received, then character is dead.
7Spare Arm-1 to brawl. Cannot use this arm to shoot. If both arms are hit character is unable to shoot or brawl.
8Shoot Arm-1 to shoot and brawl. If both arms are hit, character is unable to shoot or brawl.
9Left Leg-1 to brawl. Movement halved to 2.5. If both legs hit, character cannot move.
10Right Leg-1 to brawl. Movement halved to 2.5. If Both legs hit, character cannot move.


Buildings, doors and windows


If a vehicle has 4 wounds it is destroyed and if it is enclosed and destroyed, everything in it is dead. Each vehicle can only transport 1 character unless noted otherwise. Maneuver is a D4 if vehicle unpiloted (doesn't count for creature vehicles). If a vehicle is shot at, it uses maneuver or armor to defend. If a vehicle can transport more than one character, it moves in one of the characters aboard turn. Character can't do anything else. Only Pilots can use aircrafts and starfighters.
Sorosuub V-35 LandspeederManeuver : D10; Move 15; Can transport 2 characters
Incom T-16 SkyhopperManeuver : D12; Shoot D8; Move 25
SandcrawlerArmor : D8; 6 wounds (can only be shot at with heavy weapons); Move 10; May transport unlimited passengers
X-WingManeuver D12; 4 wounds; Take off; place Xwing anywhere on playfield in next turn. The turn after pilot can leave starship
BanthaManeuver D6; 4 wounds; Move 10; trample attack D6
AT-STArmor D12; 2 drivers required; 4 wounds; Move 15; shoot thrice with 3D4

Special Abilities

Sharp ShooterCan shoot, whilst moving without penalty
Thick Skinresistant to wounds. Ignore first hit
LeaderCan take the turn of someone under it's command. Counts as his turn for that round. Characters turn taken can't do anything this turn.
Tough Guyresistant to pain. Skills (shoot, brawl and dodge) are not affected by wounds.
Eagle EyeShoots just as well at any range (up to maximum range weapon)
Super FastMay opt to take his turn before a turncard is drawn
VariableCan apply one die bonus to any one skill once each turn. This counts for all rolls for that skill
Quick DrawWhen someone announces a shot at a character with this ability, he can shoot first at that character. This counts as his action for this turn.
LuckyRolls dodge twice, takes highest number
Trample Attackonly humanoid sized or less can be targetted. vehicle that wants to ram or trample cannot wheel first and must do full movement straight ahead.
Ram Attackonly humanoid sized or less can be targetted vehicle that wants to ram or trample cannot wheel first and must do full movement straight ahead.

author : Maarten Logghe