The Baron of Malingas

This campaign takes place in the Sovereign Stone world and uses it's game system. You can find more about Sovereign Stone on their official homepage.

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Tamaros, Maratos and Mark are all from around Mardurar one of the major cities in the Vinnengaelean Empire. This is also the city where they first met when at the age of 16 they were all admitted to the Parlorian College.

Tamaros is the son of the quite famous Arkalos The Healer, he is both teacher at and head of the Parlorian College. Arkalos also didn't steal his last name. Father and son are both expert healers. Tamaros learnt swiftly and until recently helped his father out with his duty as a teacher.

Maratos is 6 years older than Mark and Tamaros. Before attending Parlorian College, he worked as a house builder with his dad. It became obvious he too had magical aspirations and as soon as he gathered the money, Parlorian College had another brilliant pupil. Focusing on finetuning his engineering capabilities and his magical skills, he graduated 5 years later. Maratos went back to work with his father and together they managed to build the most astonishing and popular constructions in Mardurar.

Mark Jeweler is not surprisingly the son of one of the wealthiest jewelers in Mardurar. His father raised him in an upper class environment. Mark's bad temper and perceived arrogance made it very difficult to get along with his family. Much against everyone's advice, including Mark's, he paid the admission fee and sent his son to Parlorian College. Wishing only the best for his son, he finally realized Mark wasn't meant to follow him up and much to his grieve, Mark left the house.
During his first year at college, Mark couldn't believe life was so good! Almost notorious in every inn in Mardurar, he was quite popular among girls, women, innkeepers and others. Whereever he came, there was fun. After that first year he continued his current lifestyle and was quite good at it.

During those wonderful years the three of them met and became good friends and they decided to leave the city of Mardurar, to seek their fortune in New Vinnengael. Mark undoubtly to discover new inns, Tamaros to enhance his healing skills and Maratos to see and study new architectural models.

How Mark became Baron of Malingas

Our 3 soon to be hero's, are within one day distance of New Vinnengael the proud capital of the Vinnengaelean Empire. On the way they pass some gipsies, and while they pass them, the wheel of one of their carts broke down. After helping them out, one of the gipsies offered to read the tarrot cards of Mark (the horses where panicking and Mark managed to ease them). The mercenary, Artifact, paladin and Dictator are the results. As is usual with gipsies we don't pay much attention to their very confusing explanations and go ahead.

We arrive at New Vinnengael and while we're waiting in line to get in, a couple of Void Cultists, try to get in the city by force. Mark was close by and plunged a dirk in the side of a one of the cultists. He keeps the void cultist's leader from casting spells, while Maratos keeps an eye on the back, a spell ready, Tamaros keeps the horses.

With our help the guards defeated the cultists and they were most grateful, a bit too grateful. The thanking lasts for minutes, hours and even days. We're hailed as hero's! This is all a bit too much of the good thing. The summit of it all is we're being invited to a banket of Lord Kendall and we receive a baronny! All this to wound a void cultists and keeping their leader of doing any harm. Talk about a bargain! Or is there something fishy about all this. Anyway, Mark Jeweler is officially pronounced baron of Malingas! Wait till his father hears this!

It started to become fishy when we are practically forced to get to our new baronny, a 3day ride. All this under escort! The closer we get the more we're haunted by nightmares and mutated pigs. We arrive at the baronny and to our not surprise, the castle lays in ruins. We investigate the remains and discover under the chappel a crypt with a secret entrance to an udnerground grave with some ancient mummies. 3 to be exact and they look identical including the glowing swords they carry. It's really creepy in there and only Mark and a guard (one of the escorts), remain down for a longer period. We write everything down we can see so we can investigate the writings on the sarcophages, in the coziness of our chair. When we are about to leave the guard suddenly starts strangling himself to death! Somehow me manage to get him upstarts and Tamaros starts doing what he's best at, healing. But helas, the poor fellow has completely gone nuts.
The next night everything remains creepy and almost everyone seems to feel the touch of insanity that's hovering above the place.

We get the hell out of there (quite literally), fleeing the place and the haunting dreams which have as recurring theme the gipsy woman and the tarrot cards.

Back in New Vinnengael we're rather pissed off. Tamaros and Maratos try to unpuzzle the writings, while Mark, starts searching for the gipsies. History reveals the last 3 barons of Malingas have all gone mad. I can assure you Tamaros and Maratos were never jealous in any way of the title, certainly not at this point in the story.

Mark and Maratos find the gipsy woman and she reveals she's having the same dreams as we have. She allows Mark to pick up two more Tarrot cards (Mists and thief) and she explains them. It is clear Mark a former sort of mercenary) should become a Paladin, get an artifact, and destroy the dictator which should be lord Kendall. After retrieving the artifact the true nature of Lord Kendall would be revealed. The mists would assure Mark's destiny is unavoidable. The thing about the thief is not really clear, it could mean trouble, this again not to our surprise.

Mark and Marator return and talk about the future. The artifact is obviously one of the 3 swords, the question is which one of them. The gipsy woman made it very clear it's not the middle sword. Which in turn made it clear to us we can't really grab them all three :) After we get the sword, we'll see how this further evolves.

published by maarten logghe