Dark Age of Camelot Screenshots


The Tale of Godfried and the Harpies

Godfried and his friends where hunting for the Harpy Feather Cloack. Up one of those stonepilars where the Harpies have their nest, the group was in great peril. Godfried dove graciously from the platform into the cold water, resurfaced, swam to his skiff and while boarding, he was attacked by a particulary vicious Harpy. The end.
(may 2004)


The Tale of Godfried in Dartmoor

Morreilla called the Defenders of the Cross to arms. The vile giants of Dartmoor were left unchecked for far too long. 7 brave Defenders answered the call and sped to Dartmoor. Among them were several great warriors: Rocanna, Morreilla, Ambros, Toorie, Elleyna, Sajspurs and also Godfried. We hewed our way through hordes of unwashed giantic beasts and suddenly came upon the lair of the evil dragon Goldstandt. Brave that we are, we were lucky the dragon wasn't home. Just as the group lined up for a picture against a fantastic backdrop, Godfried, to his horror, saw some fresh Golestand bodyguards, come from behind the walls and suprise his friends. Luckily he called out to them, took his canvas and eternalized the moment.
(18 august 2004)


The Tale of Godfried in Nottmoore Faste

We were locked in Nottmoore Faste and the evil Midgardians attacked us from all sides. Luckily a handful of brave Albions stood their ground and fought for every square inch in the tower. The thought of our friends who undoubtly knew our grave peril, kept us strong. And yes, after awhile Public Enemies took the Mids by surprise in the back. So Nottmoore Faste was again free!
(10 september 2004)


The Tale of Godfried in Caer Benowyc

Godried and other Defenders of the Cross members took up arms and defended our realm from reckless attacks. As you can see .. we repelled them easily and even had time for tea in front of the Benowyc gates.
(12 oktober 2004)


The Tale of Godfried in Traldor's Temple

This is a very short tale... nobody was home...
(14 oktober 2004)


The Tale of Godfried in Xanxicar's Lair

It was a sunny day outside, but 80 something brave heroes of Albion had other plans then enjoying the weather. They entered the lair of Xanxicar with revenge on their mind. For ages now, Xanxicar had eluded us .. but now it was payback time.
You can see Godfried recieved the important role of diversionary force. On the left side of the picture you see the main army hulking in the shadows, waiting for Godfried to charge the dragon!
At the end of the day .. the Dragon was no more.
(oktober 2004)


The Tale of Godfried in Krondon

Brave Defenders of the Cross set out to stop the Ogre incursions in Adland. Godfried was one of them. We would take out the evil in the region by the root. Alas .. it wasn't to be. The Ogres were too strong ..
Rest assured .. Godfried has not forgotten this and he will pay those Ogres another visit!
(25 oktober 2004)


The Tale of Godfried in Hibernia Frontier (1/4)

Defenders of the Cross in Hibernia Frontier! Gazon leads a battlegroup and hopes to retake the Scabbard of Excalibur from the Hibernians. Olodia, Aeatan and Godfried answer his call and come to his aid.
(16 januari 2005)


The Tale of Godfried in Hibernia Frontier (2/4)

At this moment, we've just crossed the bridge (the same bridge we ran under in the previous image) and go for the 4th tower of Dun de Behn.
(16 januari 2005)


The Tale of Godfried in Hibernia Frontier (3/4)

And now we have captured the tower and by doing so we make sure our Albion friends can directly port from our Frontier Keeps into the Hibernian Frontier!
Aeatan has a weird way of celebrating though ... yes it's his charmed Templar he's cooking... I'm not sure what happened after this ... My eyes turned wet because I should have prevented this and saved the poor Templar...
(16 januari 2005)


The Tale of Godfried in Hibernia Frontier (4/4)

Gazon's persistence pays off, we gain momentum and a huge Albion Force is knocking on Ailline's door.
The Hibernians can't respond and they have other pressing matters too... Midgardians caused them problems too.
Anyway... the Scabbard of Excalibur is back in our hands where it belongs!
(16 januari 2005)